Introduction to Serious Games
3: Funding & Distributing

Module 3: Funding and Distributing takes prototyping to the next level. Funding is of course always helpful for polish, distribution to multiple platforms or large scale printing, and conducting studies on the impact of a serious game. This requires skills such as grant funding, crowdfunding, or investment networking alongside revisiting the original intentions and best audience for a serious game.

Week 11: $$$

1: Grant Funding
Tune in for tips and tricks for successful grants.

2: Crowdfunding
Tune in for tips and tricks for successful crowdfunding.

Assignment: Funding Scope - 5%
Identify one possible funding source for your game. List the funding source title, the website of the funding source, the maximum amount allowed, the deadline (for crowdfunding, remember there are technically no deadlines but there are recommendations about timing campaign launches), and any other important details.

Week 12: Get Out There

1: Distribution to Festivals & Contests
Once a game is made, it needs to get out there to be seen by peers. This can result in winning awards, getting support for future games, or just in getting advice about how to refine the gameplay. All of these are helpful but require taking that step to submit, which often requires a press kit and gameplay footage videos. Step it up!

"Indie Games Competitions"

2: Distribution to Players
Consider how best to reach the target audience of the game as well as how to give back to the community of players the game is intended to be played by.

Week 13: Iterating

1: Playtesting Feedback
Work that game polish!

2: Iteration Cycle
Start working on refining your prototype to get as far with it as possible.

Week 14: Polish

1 & 2: Polish
Work that game polish!

Assignment: Playtest Results - 10%
Present the playtesting feedback you received by identifying the pros, cons, and spaces for growth in your game based on comments your friends, family, and/or potential players. What is working? What isn't? What can be changed? What can't?

Week 15: Ongoing

1 & 2: Presentations
Everyone will share about their overall game and development process.

Assignment: Presenting - 20%
Prepare slides or other materials for a presentation of around 20 minutes that provides an overview of your game design, your development process, changes you have made during iterative development, playtesting results, and next steps such as ideas on revising, funding, and distributing.