Introduction to Serious Games
Guidelines and Grades


Assignments are due Friday by midnight of the week they are assigned.


Grades will be assigned in the A to F scale with appropriate percentages.

Reflection = 5%
Game Choices - 5%, Draft Review - 10%, Final Review 10% = 30%
Proposal - 5%, Documentation - 30%, Funding Scope - 5%, Playtest Results 10% = 50%
Presentations = 20%


Do your best to read all articles and browse through all supplementary materials outlined in the syllabus.

There are no required textbooks for the course but you are more than welcome to check out the recommended readings list and expand your knowledge.


Making and playing games is very reliant on having your fully dedicated attention. Please keep the use of phones and laptops to outside of class unless we are actively using them while prototyping, playtesting, or providing feedback. If you get the urge to post about the class, use #msugamedev and #comartsci.